Songs in the Key of Fallout
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Steven Wesley Guiles (aka Mr. Gee) is attempting to write 87 songs in 87 days leading up to the release of Fallout 4, a game he is very excited about.   You can actually follow his current progress (over 30 songs now) on this youtube playlist

Why 87?  Because on August 12, 2015, while perusing the Fallout subreddits, he realized one of his favorite franchises was going to be released in 87 days.  As many of his projects have begun, he just figured he would have a go at it and see what happened.

How is this possible? Well, he's had experience writing a LOT of songs participating in and 50/90 for the past 7 years.
Perhaps what makes this more amazing (or insane) is that Steven is a husband, father of three, and full time middle school teacher.  

Mr. Gee is no stranger to video game-inspired music either.  He's toured with his former band Pushstart Wagon, written lovely folk music with his wife, and created music that's been heard on The Mindy Project, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, NPR All Songs Considered, and many other music and film outlets.

He released an eighteen song album, Songs in the Key of Minecraft, inspired by the omni-popular game, Minecraft.   Mr. Gee’s ran a succesful Kickstarter campaign in February of 2014.  Those songs were all written in one month.  Still, 87 songs is a lot, so he's enlisted the help of musician and Youtuber Bonecage (REO Speedwagon parody, "I Can't Wait For Fallout 4"), several of his internet song-writing friends, and many redditors who have offered lyric ideas and song suggestions.  You could say it'll take a village.

His songs vary from heavy metal and punk to happy pop and hip-hop songs.  One commonality among all of the songs is his humorous approach to music.  “I feel that music must reach people on some basic emotional level, and humor is something that most people can relate to.  Plus, I’ve always been one to try and lighten a room with a joke." Not that all of the Fallout songs will be about roses and rainbows.  The game matter is much darker, so, songs like Pint-Sized Slasher Cautionary Tale will also be present next to boppy 1930s era-sounding tunes like "I'd Blow Up The World For You".

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