Songs in the Key of Minecraft

Mr. Gee (aka Steven Wesley Guiles) is a husband, father of two, middle school teacher, and musician releasing a fourteen song album, Songs in the Key of Minecraft, inspired by the omni-popular game, Minecraft.   Mr. Gee’s Kickstarter campaign is running now and ends on Sunday,  February 9, 10:00pm EST.  The purpose of the campaign is to fund the final steps of creating the album:  the mixing, mastering, and reproduction of the CDs.  During the campaign, Mr. Gee plans to interact with his supporters and fans by posting a weekly comic and video update to keep everyone “in the loop”.

The album's was spawned during’s songwriting challenge in February of 2013.  He crafted most of songs included on the album with some help from his fellow FAWMers. 

His songs vary from heavy metal and punk to happy pop and hip-hop songs.  You can hear a few samples of the songs on this Soundcloud link.  One commonality among all of the songs is his humorous approach to music.  “I feel that music must reach people on some basic emotional level, and humor is something that most people can relate to.  Plus, I’ve always been one to try and lighten a room with a joke."

Mr. Gee discovered his love of Minecraft while watching his son play the game.  It only took a day or two before Mr. Gee was crafting worlds alongside his son, chopping down trees and digging for diamonds.

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